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About Fundation

Sinha Model High School is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer in mooting all-round development and to foster an all-round growth in its wards. This prestigious temple of education was established in 1998 in a building located in Dariyapur, Neora, Danapur, PATNA. This precinct found itself embedded in a sprawling mansion that belonged to Sinha Model High School. His philanthropic gesture was a result of his son’s vision of an institution par excellence which would be a jugalbandhi of traditional Indian system of education and modern educational techniques. Sinha Model High School was a prominent businessman . Sinha Model High School founded the school to provide quality education, and to foster all-round growth of a child. Sinha Model High School was the spirit and the soul of the school.

Mission Statement

  • Providing holistic and quality education to the global citizens of tomorrow.

  • Incorporating 21st Century skills such as civic literacy, global awareness, cross cultural sensitivity and effective communication with an aim to proliferate ‘Human Excellence’.

  • Making learning a pleasure filled activity by awakening the inquisitive minds.

  • Nurturing and grooming the innate qualities and potential of the individual child.

  • Imparting the moral values of honesty, integrity, compassion and discipline as an integral part of the student’s personality.

  • Carrying forth the ‘Go Green Tenets’.

  • Generating awareness and commitment among the students towards the protection and sustainable development of the environment.

  • Empowering and uplifting the underprivileged sections of the society to bring them into the mainstream.